Finding the Valuable Insights and Trends in Your Customer Conversations

October 25, 2023

In an era where customer-centricity is the cornerstone of successful businesses, understanding the nuances of every customer interaction is paramount. Every chat, call, or feedback form...

How Conversational Analytics Supercharges Your Customer Support

October 19, 2023

In today's data-driven world, understanding and improving customer interactions is crucial for businesses. One powerful tool that can aid in this endeavor is conversational analytics. By diving ...

Launching with Confidence - Setting Up Customer Support for New Product Releases

October 10, 2023

So you're looking to launch a new product! How do you know what support to provide? What do you train your support agents on? How do you embed the relevant knowledge base into your language ...

Elevate Your Customer Support - Conversational Analytics for Start-ups

October 2, 2023

Implementing an effective customer support system is integral for Small and Medium Enterprises to retain customer trust and build a reputable brand. This guide delves into how you can harness ...

Your journey from Live Agents to Conversational AI at an Enterprise Level

October 2, 2023

Navigating from live agents to Conversational AI isn't just a tech shift, it's a leap towards redefining customer engagement. Dive deep into the AI Chatbot Revolution...

Estimating the Cost of Leveraging Advanced Language Models

September 27, 2023

The advanced capabilities of models like GPT-4 have revolutionized chatbot functionalities. But what's the price tag attached to these marvels? Dive in to comprehend the pricing structure and how you can effectively estimate your chatbot expenses.

Why We Founded Requesty

September 26, 2023

Conversations have always been the most powerful business tool. With advancements in sophisticated language models, the potential to automate and enhance these conversational processes has...

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